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Francophone Bussiness

Francophony can act as a platform for exploring business opportunities in Francophone countries. Francophony is an international organization that promotes cooperation and solidarity among French-speaking countries and regions. It provides a platform for member countries to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on various issues, including economic development and trade.

Through Francophony, businesses and entrepreneurs can access resources and information about doing business in Francophone countries. This may include information about local regulations, market trends, and cultural norms that can impact business operations. Francophony may also offer networking opportunities, such as business forums and trade missions, that can help businesses connect with potential partners and customers in Francophone countries.

Overall, Francophony can be a valuable resource for businesses that are interested in expanding their operations into Francophone markets or that want to establish partnerships with businesses in Francophone countries. By leveraging the resources and networks available through Francophony, businesses can increase their chances of success in these markets.


This is the beginner level of DELF that tests basic communication skills in French.


This is the elementary level of DELF that tests basic communication skills, including the ability to talk about common topics and situations.


This is the intermediate level of DELF that tests the ability to communicate effectively in French in everyday situations, including discussions on more complex topics.


This is the upper-intermediate level of DELF that tests the ability to communicate fluently in French across a wide range of topics, including professional contexts.

TEF Canada

The Test de connaissance du français (TCF) and Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) are French proficiency tests that are commonly used in Canada for immigration, citizenship, and university admissions purposes. Both tests assess the candidate’s ability to understand and use oral and written French.

Children Course

At Francophony French Language School, we offer French courses for school children that are designed to enhance their learning and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the French language and its associated culture.

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