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Online Classes

Our ONLINE Courses

Our Advanced Online Language Courses

At Francophony French Language School, we offer online French classes using modern technology to make online learning as effective and engaging as possible. We use platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and WhatsApp to conduct our online classes.

Advantages of online Learning

Discover new learning possibilities

Flexible Learning

Expert Guidance

Online Resources


Why We are different

Our online classes are designed to provide the same quality of instruction as our in-person courses. We use interactive tools such as whiteboards, videos, and online exercises to engage our students and help them learn French more effectively.

Our online courses are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are trained in online instruction. They are skilled at using modern technology to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for our students.

We also provide online resources such as textbooks, audio and video resources, and online exercises to supplement our online classes and help students further develop their French skills.

Overall, our online French classes at Francophony French Language School provide a convenient and effective way for students to learn French from anywhere in the world using modern technology.

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