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Learn French

About the Language

Approximately 136 million people worldwide speak French, which evolved from the Latin language spoken during the Roman Empire. French is classified as a Romance Language and is officially recognized in 29 countries, known as ‘The Francophone,’ and utilized by all United Nations agencies. Additionally, it is an official language in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Canada. English, Spanish, and Chinese are the only languages spoken more commonly than French in the United States.

Why Learn French

There are several reasons why learning the French language can be beneficial:

1. Career Opportunities: French is one of the top languages used in international business and diplomacy, making it a valuable skill for many career paths. By speaking French, you can increase your job opportunities with companies that have ties to French-speaking countries and gain a competitive edge in the workforce.

2. Travel: France is a popular tourist destination, and many other countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and parts of Africa have French speakers. Learning French can enhance your travel experience and help you connect with locals while abroad.

3. Culture and Art: France has a rich history in art, music, literature and fashion. French is the language of many influential artworks, from classic literature to contemporary films. Being able to read works of literature or watch a film in its native language can offer a more authentic experience and a deeper appreciation of the culture.

4. Brain Benefits: Learning a new language comes with cognitive benefits such as improved memory and attention span, and it can delay the onset of age-related mental decline.

5. Personal Development: Learning any new skill requires effort, motivation and persistence. Learning French as a second language can feel challenging but once you start mastering the language it gives a sense of accomplishment which positively contributes to personal growth.

Overall, learning French is not only practical but also enriching. It opens doors to career prospects and cultural experiences that would not be possible without knowing this widely spoken language.

Francophone Countries

Francophone countries are countries where French is an official language or a significant language of communication. Here is a list of the francophone countries, sorted by continent:




Asia and Oceania

Note that while French is not an official language in some of these countries, it may be used as a significant language of communication due to historical, cultural, or economic ties to French-speaking countries.


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